Northwoods 100 Raffle a success

Mike Boyd from Boyd Financial Services LLC is happy to announce the successful completion of this year’s Northwoods 100 Raffle. On Oct. 6, the winners of 100 prizes were drawn. The grand prize of a playhouse was won by a family from the Green Bay area.

The fund raiser was set up to benefit three organizations that provide valuable services to the northern counties of Wisconsin.

Northwoods Saves provides financial counseling and coaching with one-on-one meetings and workshops.The Fix Is In provides low-cost spay and neutering services to individuals and humane shelters.

The Oneida County Dive Team is part of the Oneida County Sherriff’s Department. This group is made up of deputies and local citizens. They are trained emergency response divers that respond to water related emergencies in Oneida and the surrounding counties.

Each of these three organizations is responsible for raising money to support their operations. This year the raffle raised a total of $5,965 for the three organizations involved. Over the last two years $10,918 has been raised. To see the complete list of winners, log on to http://the-fix-is-in.org/.



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